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4- Zumpul How to add Images on Signatures

Zumpul help your business to add powerful marketing messages or compliance messages on your email signatures, you can do this by rich text signatures adding images such as:

- Banners, Logos, Social Icons, Profile Pictures, Etc

Three options to add images on Zumpul.

  1. Uploading Images from your PC 
  2. Adding images from Google Drive or 
  3. Images via URL

Steps to add images signatures on Zumpul

Create one signature or select one, open the Signature editor and foer:

Select and open the signature you want to add an image.
  • If adding images from PC: Click on the Google Drive Icon and then Click on Upload. 

  • If adding images from Google Drive
  • If adding images via URL on the Toolbar click on the IMAGE Icon and paste the URL

Please keep in mind you cannot add large images greater than 1200 px, also use format such as: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF

Video Tutorial:

Images uploaded via > Zumpul are stored on a highly available and super fast Google infrastructure using Google Cloud Storage.

Instead to add by URL, we highly recommend to use Zumpul to upload the images for your signatures.